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Caching and Sharing Packages with Jetify

The Jetify Cache provides teams with a private, secure Nix package cache that makes it easy to share packages across all your projects and users. With the Jetify cache, you never have to rebuild a package, even if it's removed from the official Nix package cache.


If you want to use the Jetify Cache, you will need to add a payment option and upgrade your account to a Solo Plan or higher. For more details, see our Plans and Pricing.

Jetify Cache provides the following features:

  • Fast package installations: Devbox is optimized for downloading and installing packages from the Jetify cache, and it can bypass costly Nix evaluation steps when installing your packages.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Devbox: Devbox automatically configures access to the cache once users sign in, and packages are automatically pulled from the cache when running devbox shell, devbox run, or other commands.
  • Integrates with CI/CD: Jetify Cache can generate a secure token for securely pushing and pulling packages in CI/CD.
  • Simple Access Control: Devbox makes it easy to restrict which users can write to the cache, and makes it easy to revoke access directly from the dashboard. Jetify also supports Single Sign On for Enterprise Cache users