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Using the Jetify Prebuilt Cache

The Jetify Prebuilt Cache provides users with prebuilt binaries of popular packages for the most common OS(Linux, macOS) + Architecture (x86-64, aarch64) combinations.

The Jetify Prebuilt cache is intended to supplement the official NixOS Cache, and includes packages which are not available by default. This includes:

  1. Older packages that have been garbage collected
  2. Packages which have not been built for certain platforms
  3. Packages with unfree licenses, which are not automatically built by NixOS

Using the Prebuilt Cache

The Prebuilt Cache is available for free to every developer who signs up for a Jetify Cloud account. Devbox will automatically configure itself to use the Prebuilt Cache when you login with devbox auth login: no additional action or steps are required.


Free Jetify Cloud accounts are restricted to a 25 GB per month download limit, and cannot generate access tokens for the cache.

Solo, Starter, and Scaleup accounts have unlimited access to the Prebuilt Cache.

Packages included in the Prebuilt Cache

Some of the packages included in the Prebuilt Cache are:

  • MongoDB
  • Terraform
  • Vault
  • DynamoDB local
  • Pulumi
  • Helm
  • Unrar
  • Graphite

More packages are added regularly. If you encounter a package that you think should be in the Prebuilt Cache, notify us on our Discord.