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Jetify Secrets is a secure secrets management service that lets you store and access secrets for your projects. Secrets are encrypted and stored in the cloud, and are automatically accessed by your project’s Devbox environment whenever you start a shell, run a script, or start a service.

Using Devbox Secrets

Key Concepts

Jetify provides an easy way to manage secrets for your projects. To get started, it’s helpful to understand the following key concepts:

Project - A Jetify project is a git repo that contains a devbox.json file. You can add a project to your Jetify Cloud account by running devbox secrets init in the root of your project. Once a project is added to your Jetify Cloud account, you can use Jetify Secrets to manage secrets for that project.

Secrets - Secrets are key-value pairs that are stored securely in the Jetify Secret store. They automatically set as environment variables in your Devbox project whenever you start a shell, run a script, or start a service. Secrets are encrypted at rest and in transit, and are only decrypted when they are accessed by your Devbox environment or by a user in your Jetify Cloud team.

Environment - An environment is a set of secrets that are available to your project. By default, all secrets are set on the Development environment, but Devbox also lets you set secrets for a Preview and Production environment. Starting a shell or running a script in a specific environment gives you access to all the secrets that are set for your environment.

Getting Started

To learn how to set secrets from the Jetify Dashboard, see our Dashboard Secrets guide.

To learn how to use your Secrets with Devbox and manage your secrets from the command line, see our Secrets CLI Guide.