is now Jetify is now Jetify

Today, I want to share some special news about our company: is now Jetify.

Our primary website will now live at and our branding will be updated to use the name Jetify.

Our mission

We started this company with a clear goal: to help developers build cloud applications in ways that are faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before while removing boilerplate.

We imagine a world in which developers can focus 100% on their application code, while our DevOps Platform and related open source tools take care of all the work needed to configure, deploy, and scale in the cloud. Imagine being able to write an application that scales, without having to learn a myriad of additional technologies like nix, docker and kubernetes.

In fact, Devbox, our open source tool for building reproducible developer environments using nix – without having to learn the complexity of nix – already has over 7k stars on GitHub.

We plan to continue release a suite of open source tools and products that will continue to simplify several aspects of cloud development, and will serve as building blocks towards our bigger vision.

Our new identity: Jetify

In the spirit of our mission, we're rebranding our company to Jetify.

The new Jetify logo.

Jetify implies turning something into a jet – a jet that flies, consistently, reliably and at high speeds toward the clouds. It aligns with the benefits that our tools and platform offer.

Over the next few months we'll be fully migrating all of our offerings to this new brand, and introducing a few more products in the mean time! Today, we're starting by rebranding our main identity across our primary website and related social media channels.

Thank you all for your continued support.