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This example shows how to run a Drupal application in Devbox. It makes use of the PHP and Apache Plugins, while demonstrating how to configure a MariaDB instance to work with Devbox Cloud.

Example Repo

Open In

How to Run

In this directory, run:

devbox shell

To start all your services (PHP, MySQL, and NGINX), run devbox run start_services. To stop the services, run devbox run stop_services

To create the devbox_drupal database and example table, you should run:

mysql -u root < setup_db.sql

To install Drupal and your dependencies, run composer install. The Drupal app will be installed in the /web directory, and you can configure your site by visiting localhost/autoload in your browser and following the interactive instructions

To exit the shell, use exit

Installing the Umami Example

Run the script to install the Umami Drupal example. This is a good starter project for trying out and familiarizing yourself with Drupal


Because the Nix Store is immutable, we need to store our configuration, data, and logs in a local project directory. This is stored in the devbox.d directory, in a subfolder for each of the packages that we will be installing.