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This example demonstrates how to create and run a Jekyll blog in Devbox. It makes use of the Ruby Plugin to configure and setup your project.

Example Repo

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How to Run

  1. Install Devbox
  2. Run devbox shell to install your packages and run the init hook
  3. In the root directory, run devbox run generate to install and package the project with bundler
  4. In the root directory, run devbox run server to start the server. You can access the Jekyll example at localhost:4000

How to Recreate this Example

  1. Install Devbox
  2. In a new directory, run devbox init to create an empty config
  3. Run devbox add ruby_3_1 bundler to add Ruby and Bundler to your packages
  4. Add "gem install jekyll --version \"~> 3.9.2\"" to your init hook. This will install the Jekyll gem in your local project.
  5. Start your devbox shell, then run jekyll new myblog to create the starter project.
  6. From here you can install the project using Bundler, and start the server using jekyll serve. See the scripts in this example for more details.