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LAPP (Linux, Apache, PHP, Postgres)

This example shows how to build a simple application using Apache, PHP, and PostgreSQL. It uses Devbox Plugins for all 3 packages to simplify configuration

Example Repo

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How to Run

  1. To start Apache, PHP-FPM, and Postgres in the background, run devbox service start.
  2. Once the services are running, you can start your shell using devbox shell. This will also initialize your database by running initdb in the init hook.
  3. Create the database and load the test data by using devbox run create_db.
  4. You can now test the app using localhost:8080 to hit the Apache Server. If you want Apache to listen on a different port, you can change the HTTPD_PORT environment variable in the Devbox init_hook.

How to Recreate this Example

  1. Create a new project with devbox init
  2. Add the packages using the command below. Installing the packages with devbox add will ensure that the plugins are activated:
devbox add postgresql@14 php php83Extensions.pgsql@latest apache@2.4
  1. Update devbox.d/apache/httpd.conf to point to the directory with your PHP files. You'll need to update the DocumentRoot and Directory directives.
  2. Follow the instructions above in the How to Run section to initialize your project