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LEPP (Linux, Nginx, PHP, Postgres)

An example Devbox shell for NGINX, Postgres, and PHP. This example uses Devbox Plugins for all 3 packages to simplify configuration

Example Repo

Open In

How to Run


In this directory, run:

devbox shell

This will run initdb automatically on initialization. To start the Servers + Postgres service, run:

devbox services up

Creating the DB

You can run the creation script using devbox run create_db. This will create a Postgres DB based on setup_postgres_db.sql.

Testing the Example

You can query Nginx on port 80, which will route to the PHP example.

How to Recreate this Example

  1. Create a new project with devbox init
  2. Add the packages using the command below. Installing the packages with devbox add will ensure that the plugins are activated:
devbox add postgresql@14 php@8.1 php81Extensions.pgsql@latest nginx@1.24
  1. Update devbox.d/nginx/httpd.conf to point to the directory with your PHP files. You'll need to update the root directive to point to your project folder
  2. Follow the instructions above in the How to Run section to initialize your project.

Note that the .sock filepath can only be maximum 100 characters long. You can point to a different path by setting the PGHOST env variable in your devbox.json as follows:

"env": {
"PGHOST": "/<some-shorter-path>"