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Spring Boot

This example combines Java, Spring Boot, and MySQL to expose a simple REST API. This example is based on the official Spring Boot Documentation.

Example Repo

How to Run

  1. Install Devbox

  2. Prepare the database by running devbox run setup_db. This will create the user and database that Spring expects in stacks/spring/src/main/resources/

  3. You can now start the Spring Boot service by running devbox run bootRun. This will start your MySQL service and run the application

  4. You can test the service using GET localhost:8080/demo/all or POST localhost:8080/demo/add. See the Spring Documentation for more details.

How to Recreate this Example

  1. Create a blank Devbox project with devbox init
  2. Add the required packages with devbox add jdk@17 mysql@latest gradle@latest
  3. Create a new Spring Boot application using the Spring Boot initializer.
  4. Copy the devbox.json and devbox.lock files into the project directory.
  5. Initialize your mysql database by running devbox services up, and create the example DB and user using the setup_db.sql file in this directory.


  • This example uses the Spring Boot initializer to create the project. You can use any method you like to create your Spring Boot project, but you will need to make sure that the devbox.json and devbox.lock files are in the same directory as your build.gradle file.
  • This example hardcodes a username and password for development purposes. For production or more secure usecases, you should change them and exclude them from source control.
  • This distribution uses the OpenJDK. You can find other JDK distributions using devbox search