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Installing Devbox

Install Devbox

Select your OS below for the steps to install Devbox.

Run the following install script as a non-root user to install the latest version of Devbox:

curl -fsSL | bash

Devbox requires the Nix Package Manager. If Nix is not detected when running a command, Devbox will install it for you in single-user mode for Linux. Don't worry: You can use Devbox without needing to learn the Nix Language.

If you would like to install Nix yourself, we recommend the Determinate Nix Installer.

Updating Devbox

Devbox will notify you when a new version is available. To update to the latest released version of Devbox, you can run devbox version update.

If you installed Devbox with Nix, you can update Devbox via Nix using nix-env -u devbox, or nix profile upgrade.

You can find release notes and details on the Releases page of the Devbox Github repo.

Rolling Back or Pinning a Specific Version of Devbox

You can rollback or pin the version of Devbox on your system using the DEVBOX_USE_VERSION environment variable. For example, to use version 0.8.0:


Setting this variable will use the specified version of Devbox even if a newer version has been installed on your machine.

If you installed Devbox with Nixpkgs, you will need to pin Devbox in your profile or Nix configuration. You can find the Nixpkg commits for previous versions of Devbox on Nixhub.

Next Steps