Share and Store your Packages with the Jetify Cache

Jetify Cache lets you store, sync, and share your custom packages and binaries across all of your Devbox shells and deployments. Jetify Cache can reduce your installation time by up to 90%.

devbox cache

Your Nix Packages and Flakes, wherever you need them

Automatic Setup
Devbox will automatically configure itself to use the Jetify Cache when you log in to your account. No need to set or manage tokens manually.
Cache your Entire Devbox Project
Back up your entire project with a single command. All the packages and flakes your project needs, synced across your entire team
Save time with Prebuilt Packages
Jetify provides prebuilt binaries for packages that cannot be downloaded from the official cache, like MongoDB and Terraform. Prebuilt packages are included with your Jetify Cloud plan.
Cache Flakes and Custom Packages
Jetify Cache is perfect for backing up custom Flakes, whether hosted on Github or in your repo. Never rebuild the same Flake twice.
Easy Access Control
Manage which developers or accounts on your team can push to the cache, or restrict publishing packages to your CI/CD hosts.
Private and Secure Package Cache
Your packages are private, secure and isolated to your team, backed by Jetify's SOC2 certified infrastructure.

Get Instant Binaries with the Jetify Prebuilt Cache

Jetify Prebuilt cache provides access to prebuilt versions of packages that are not available in the public NixOS cache, such as MongoDB and Terraform. Available for free with a Jetify Cloud Account

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