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Jetify (formerly builds open source tools that make cloud development a delightful experience. Whether it’s setting up development environments, deploying your application, or sharing packages, our tools have got you covered.

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Devbox: Build reliable and consistent dev environments without Docker
Devbox uses the power of Nix to create isolated, reproducible development environments for any workflow. Spend less time setting up your environment, and more time coding.
Reproducible local shells for any project
Define a list of packages and settings, and Devbox will use Nix to create a reproducible environment on any machine.
Manage your packages across all your machines
Pin a specific version of any package and sync your environment to all of your machines. The one package manager to rule them all.
Launch your projects as autoscaling services with Jetify Cloud
Jetify Cloud can deploy your Devbox project as an autoscaling web service. Define your project with either Devbox or Docker, and ship directly from Github.
Manage secrets across your shells
Jetify Secrets provides easy and secure Secrets Management that automatically works with your Devbox Shells and Jetify Deploys.
Jetify's Private and Prebuilt Caches can share binaries and packages across all your projects and deployments. Stop rebuilding and start shipping
Nixhub: Search over 400,000 package versions in one place
Nixhub provides an easy search interface to the Nix Package Registry, making it easy to find historical versions of any of Nix's 80,000 packages.
Any version of any package in one location
Nixhub provides a constantly updating and historical index of all Nix packages, from Python to Nodejs to any tool you can imagine.
Install packages with Devbox or Nix
Nixhub provides easy instructions for how to install packages using Devbox or Nix, so you can choose the tool that works for you.

Lift off in any language.

No need to switch your style. Devbox works with any coding language, so you can get results as you write.

Plans for teams of any size

Jetify Cloud offers pricing plans for Solo Developers to Large Enterprises, and everything in between. All plans include free credits, and you are only billed for what you use. Need something custom? Contact our team and we can help.

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