Automate cloud deployments with Devbox

Jetify Cloud can deploy your Devbox projects and Dockerfiles directly from Github as autoscaling web services. Get your project up and running as a preview or production deploy in minutes.

Automate the deployment of any backend project to the cloud

Deploy Any project with Devbox
Jetify Cloud can build and deploy your project's devbox.json as a deployable container, so you can skip writing and managing Dockerfiles.
Continuous Deployment from Github
Jetify Cloud watches your Github repo and automatically deploys changes from your main branch, so you're always up to date.
Simple Secret Management
Secrets in Jetify Cloud are synced between your local shells and production deployments automatically.
Custom Domains
Jetify Cloud automatically provides a preview domain, but you can easily provide your own domain for routing to your service.
Usage Based Pricing
Services automatically scale to zero when left idle, and scale back up when needed. You only pay for compute when your service is scaled up.
SOC2 Compliant
Our cloud is private, secure, and certified to be SOC2 Compliant. Deploy your services with confidence and peace of mind.

Easy integration with Databases, Caches, and more

Connect your Jetify Cloud deployments with popular infrastructure providers like Upstash, Supabase, and AWS. Learn how by clicking the examples below.

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