Accelerate your Devbox Projects with Jetify Cloud

Jetify Cloud provides your team with powerful tools for your Devbox projects. Deploy projects, synchronize secrets, and share binaries across your entire org.
devbox secrets
Synchronize secrets and environment variables with Jetify Secrets
Jetify Cloud can securely store your secrets and environment variables, and activate them whenever you start a Devbox shell. No more passing around .env files.
Developer Focused Secrets Management
Set and manage your project's secrets from the dashboard, or from your CLI. Access control can be managed via SSO, so accessing secrets is easy.
Integrated with Jetify Deploys
Jetify Cloud can automatically deploy the latest version of your Devbox as an autoscaling, serverless cloud application. Go from dev to prod with zero config.
Deploy Devbox projects as autoscaling web services with Jetify Deploys
Jetify deploys can deploy your Devbox project as an autoscaling web service. Define your project with either Devbox or Docker
Deploy your project from Github in seconds
Jetify Cloud can securely store your secrets and environment variables, and activate them whenever you start a Devbox shell. No more passing around .env files insecurely.
Instant, autoscaling deployments
Jetify Deploys can automatically scale to zero when your project is idle. Save money, and pay only for the resources your project consumes.
devbox cache
Speed up your Builds and Shells with Jetify Package Cache
The Jetify Cache let's you cache all the packages and binaries for your project and share them with all of your developers. No charges for egress - pay only for what you store.
Easy Access Control and Management
Jetify makes it easy to restrict which users can push and pull from your cache, so you can keep your cache secure.
Jetify Cloud plans include access to a prebuilt cache of packages like Terraform which are not available in the public Nix Store.

Easy integration with Databases, Caches, and more

Connect your Jetify Cloud deployments with popular infrastructure providers like Upstash, Supabase, and AWS. Learn how by clicking the examples below.

Plans for teams of any size

Jetify Cloud offers pricing plans for Solo Developers to Large Enterprises, and everything in between. All plans include free credits, and you are only billed for what you use. Need something custom? Contact our team and we can help.

Powerful DevOps from Day One

Jetify Cloud provides enterprise grade developer tooling and deployments for your Devbox projects and more.
Optimized for Devbox
Jetify automatically syncs your secrets with your Devbox environments, and can deploy your projects as an autocaling web service in seconds.
Developer Friendly
Jetify automatically configures itself when you login from Devbox, and provides a CLI interface to manage your projects.
Easy Access Control
Easily add or remove developers from your projects. Jetify also supports SSO so you can manage access in one place.
Enterprise Grade Secruity
Jetify Cloud is built on Enterprise Grade technology, and is SOC-2 certified.
Highly Scaleable and Flexible
Jetify Deployments can scale up or down based on the demands of your project, and automatically scale to zero when not in use.
Zero DevOps
Jetify Cloud handles your secret management, deployments, and more. No additional configs or infrastructure required.
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