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Ruby can be automatically configured by Devbox via the built-in Ruby Plugin. This plugin will activate automatically when you install Ruby 2.7 using devbox add ruby.

Adding Ruby to your shell

Run devbox add ruby@3.1 bundler, or add the following to your devbox.json

    "packages": [

This will install Ruby 3.1 to your shell. You can find other installable versions of Ruby by running devbox search ruby. You can also view the available versions on Nixhub

Ruby Plugin Support

Devbox will automatically create the following configuration when you install Ruby with devbox add.

Environment Variables

These environment variables configure Gem to install your gems locally, and set your Gem Home to a local folder



In case you are using bundler to install gems, bundler config file can still be used to pass configs and flags to install gems.

.bundle/config file example:

BUNDLE_BUILD__SASSC: "--disable-lto"