Introducing Jetify Cloud

Introducing Jetify Cloud
Jetify Cloud: A suite of tools to power-up your Dev Workflows

Today, we’re releasing Jetify Cloud in early access. Jetify Cloud is a suite of managed services aimed at making software development easier for teams.

This first release includes two new services for developers. While these services are designed to work seamlessly with Devbox, they can provide workflows that work for any developer, whether they use Docker or Nix.

Jetify Deploys

Deploy scalable applications from Dockerfiles or Devbox

Jetify Deploys is a 1-click deployment experience for any containerized application.

Jetify Deploys provides a low DevOps experience for your web services and products: simply connect your Github repo to Jetify Cloud, and we can deploy your containerized application every time you push a change. If you use Devbox, we can also deploy your project without you needing to create a Dockerfile.

Jetify Deploys can support both development and production deployment use cases. Your services can automatically scale to zero when not in use, and can store secrets and integrate with your infrastructure securely with Jetify Secrets. Our goal is to make Jetify Deploys the best way to deploy your Devbox or Docker projects, without requiring extra configuration or overhead.

Jetify Cache

An enterprise-grade Nix package cache

Jetify Cache provides an enterprise-grade Nix cache that pairs seamlessly with Devbox to accelerate your shell startup times. With the Jetify Cache, you can easily share your private binaries and packages across all your environments, shells, and team-members. In some cases, using Jetify Cache for your custom package can reduce shell startup time by up to 90%.

We're also announcing the Jetify Prebuilt Cache. Our prebuilt cache provides access to prebuilt versions of packages that are not available in the public Nix store, such as MongoDB, Terraform, and more. Using the prebuilt cache gives you access to these packages without having to build them yourself.

Options for teams of any size

Developers who sign up for a Jetify Cloud account get access to the Jetify Prebuilt Cache and Jetify Secret Management for free. Private cache and Deploys are offered via a transparent usage-based pricing model, so developers only pay for what they need. We have plans for teams at all sizes and scales, and can accommodate large enterprises with custom needs. For more details, visit our pricing page.

More to come

We have a lot more details to share about both Jetify Deploys and the Jetify Cache. Over the next couple of days, we'll share more details about how they work, and why we built them.

You can follow us on Twitter, or chat with our developers live on our Discord Server. We also welcome issues and pull requests on our Github Repo.

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