Pricing for teams of any size

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Launchpad Starter

Launchpad’s Open Source CLI, plus Mission Control for a single team or startup.

Launchpad Pro

Mission Control For growing teams and Enterprises. Scales to fit any use case.


Launchpad Starter
Launchpad Pro
Deployments: Deploy autoscaling services and APIs
CronJobs: Schedule recurring tasks
Launchpad CLI: One step build, publish, and deploy workflow
Automatic Developer and Production Namespace Provisioning
Configure and Deploy your projects on any Kubernetes Cluster
Mission Control
Launchpad Auth: Single Sign-on for cluster + registry access
Launchpad Env: Built in secret management for your whole org
Enterprise grade API Gateway with preview URLs and automatic routing
Support for Creating and Managing clusters on AWS
Community Support
Jetpack Professional Support
Support for creating and managing clusters on Google Cloud and Azure
Mission Control Users
Mission Control Clusters
No Limit
No Limit

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